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A guide to home accessibility and options for independent living

Contained in this FREE 32-page guide:
Know your mobility options

Know your mobility options – Explore solutions for mobility equipment and accessories

Home care and accessibility
Explore equipment options and daily living aids that keep you safe, confident and independent
Fashion meets safety
Staying safe doesn’t mean your home has to look like a hospital. Learn about practical and fashionable home care equipment for your home
Medicare and insurance
A simple guide to understanding coverage for your equipment needs
Home modifications
Expert tips for modifying your home for safety and independence
Respiratory assessment
Make an informed decision about nebulizers, sleep apnea and oxygen needs
Who is Whitley Home Medical Equipment?
Whitley is the leading provider of custom medical equipment for seniors who want an active and independent life, both in and out of the home.

Unlike other medical equipment providers, Whitley is focused on understanding the health needs first, then providing customized solutions that exceed expectations and keep customers moving!

Customer Stories:

Dear John Falk,

It was good to meet you. When local people that have been here all their lives hear the name whitley, this is what they think. This is a business that is here to help you any way they can. They cry with you and laugh with you and stay over 10 minutes until you can get to the drug store to pick up your prescription. They always have a kind word to say and maybe even a joke. They have watched our children grown up and our parents die. Its like a family. Well when I was looking for medical equipment I saw the name Whitley and figured it was the same people but it wasn’t. It was not until I was on my last day shopping that I met you the new owner from West Virginia. You could have fooled me. Your employees, Joe E., Jeannie D. and Glenda P., were pleasant, compassionate, understanding and knew exactly what I needed and helped me spend literally the last dime of the Veterans settlement. We laughed together, pulled our hair out together, figured prices together, selected the right equipment together. Your employees have kept the tradition of the Whitley name and you can be very proud of that. I hope and pray that your business stays on track like this. What time I was there I noticed most people are in distress when they come in hunting for something and your staff graciously, compassionately helped them.

From the bottom of our heart, we say thank you for services rendered in a pleasant and productive manner.

-Vicci B. Hendersonville, NC


Having had three hip replacements and revisions in the past ten years, my walker finally “gave up the ghost” just a short while before my most recent surgery, March 7, 2014. I was in in-house physical therapy for eight weeks, with Medicare to provide me a new one when I was discharged on May 6. Since then, the therapy department Director at The Laurels Rehabilitation Center has done her best to get Medicare to respond and provide. A walker finally came through but it wasn’t what was needed or ordered, so it was returned. Recently, I decided to go out on my own to purchase one and found Whitley on line. John and his staff were so very courteous and helpful. When I visited the the store in the past couple of weeks, I was greeted with smiles and “How may we help you”? John and his staff know their craft! They would not quit until they had fitted me correctly with the walker that I needed. It was ordered and arrived the next day! Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for the expert and competent customer service I received. If I have further equipment needs I know where to find the best!

-Larry A. Hendersonville NC 28792


Having been informed by my internist that compression stockings may help my leg pain, I phoned Whitley Medical and spoke with Glenda P. She was kind enough to find time for me to immediately stop by. Glenda found the perfect fit for me, and I walked out feeling hopeful, decked out in my new fashion statement. Three days later, I am walking normally, and am delighted with my progress. Thank you, Glenda, for your assistance and expertise!

-Jean C. Hendersonville, NC