Whitley Home Medical Equipment carries a variety of pillows to provide any type of comfort you need.


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• Built in head Rest supports you for reading and watching TV
• Versatile design can be used as bed wedge or sleeping pillow
• Position yourself for comfort with just the flip of a pillow
• Can elevate knees to soothe aching back and raises legs to help swollen feet

Whitley Home Medical Equipment also carries pillow cases to fit this Contour Flip Pillow.

Contour Flip Pillow
Multiple levels of support accommodate virtually every positioning need.

Helps align the spine while promoting proper sleeping posture. Also great for sacral (pelvic), knee or ankle support. Perfect companion for travel. 100% hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill. Removable fleece cover is hand washable and flame retardant.

Cervical Neck Pillow
Designed to provide head and neck support to relieve muscle tension in the back and shoulders.
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Ideal for the head and neck, but also great for the pelvis, knees or ankles. Keep this pillow safe and secure... it will be your favorite - and others too!

Comfort Curve Neck Pillow

We love the Comfort Curve Neck Pillow because it curves and swerves just like your body to give those places the right shaped support and comfort.
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• Curved ergonomic shape designed to relieve neck and shoulder pain and muscle tension for a better night's sleep
• Provides ideal support and comfort while reclining, watching TV, reading or sleeping
• Also great for pelvic, knee, or ankle support
• Satin-like material

• Aids in the prevention of pressure sores
• Convoluted foam provides improved air circulation
• Conforms to the body contours to provide comfort and support when sitting for long periods of time
• Black and fleece polyester/cotton blend covers are removable

Convoluted Comfort Ring with Cover

Convoluted foam provides improved air circulation and conforms to the body contours to provide comfort support when sitting for long periods of time.
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