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Mobility means freedom and independence to go – to adventure.  To go on grouping outings with friends.  To go down the street to see neighbors.  To go on vacations in beautiful places.  To go without pain and discomfort.  And if you want to increase your mobility and are considering renting or buying a mobility scooter, how do you know which option is better for you?  Well, this article was written just for you.  Whitley Home Medical Equipment Mobility Care Specialists understand mobility, and are committed to helping you go.          

Renting A Mobility Scooter

Think about situations in your past where you have rented products.  Perhaps you rented a car on a vacation, or an event space for a special occasion like a birthday party for your children.  In these two examples, it would have been completely impractical and expensive to buy a car while on vacation or build an event space for the party.  You chose to rent because you had a short-term problem, and renting providing the short-term solution.  And that’s precisely the benefit of renting a mobility scooter: You need it now, but not forever.  

Here are examples of situations where renting is the best choice:  

To Fill A Gap: If your mobility scooter is being repaired or maintained and you don’t want to experience downtime, renting provides a temporary replacement for your own scooter.  Drop your scooter off and pick up another one up at the same time.  Don’t interrupt your adventures.   

To Try One Out: If you are unsure of what brand, style or features will be most beneficial for you and you want to become more educated, renting allows you to experience features and benefits and make sure your needs are met so you get the best mobility scooter for you.  Prepare yourself to make an informed purchase decision in the future.

To Adventure On Vacation:  If you are visiting beautiful Western North Carolina destinations like historic downtown Hendersonville, or eclectic Asheville, and want to avoid discomfort while walking long distances or be comfortable during group outings, renting provides temporary solution so you can fully enjoy your vacation experience .  (And while you are in the region, consider going on a self-guided adventure on paved pathways in The North Carolina Arboretum’s 434-acre public garden.)  Get the most out of your vacation.

To Enhance Rehabilitation:  If you have recently undergone a procedure such as knee, ankle or leg surgery or injury and want to go adventure to boost your spirits, renting literally provides the vehicle for those means which helps you have a positive mindset.  Build confidence and rebuild your body.     


Rent a Mobility Scooter from Whitley Home Medical Equipment
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Buying A Mobility Scooter

Now think about situations in your past where you have made a significant purchase for yourself or a loved one.  This purchase could have been a work computer, a home entertainment system, or a bicycle for your adventurous grandson.  You chose to buy because you saw, or knew someone else would see, substantial value in owning something that solved both a short-term and long-term problem.  You needed a computer for your task at hand at the time, and you knew you would continue to have tasks in the future.  But it would have been impractical to borrow a computer for all future work.  You had an idea of what you wanted, either for yourself or someone else, educated yourself on available options, and made a valuable purchase.  A purchase you would benefit from for a long time.  And that’s precisely the benefit of buying a mobility scooter: You need it now, and will value it in the future.  

Here are examples of situations where buying is the best choice:  

To Have Peace Of Mind:  Making the decision to buy gives you peace of mind knowing you have made an important decision about your freedom and independence.  Make an informed decision and start enjoying the benefits of mobility.

To Invest In Your Future: If you want to take control of your freedom and independence, making the decision to buy means you are committing to your future.  Committing means you are investing in your future.  

To Have Ongoing Support:  If you value a strong support system and want to be able to drop by or call with any questions or concerns in the future, buying means you will become a wellness community member and have access to Mobility Care Specialists.   

To Meet Long-term Needs:  If you have recently undergone a procedure such as leg, ankle or knee surgery or injury and will have reduced mobility moving forward, buying allows you to own your mobility.  Ownership means you take pride in yourself and care about your future.  

Important Factors To Consider Before Buying or Renting a Mobility Scooter

Remember this is a personal decision and your needs, desires and goals should be shared with experts so they can guide you to the best mobility scooter for you.  And that’s exactly what Whitley Home Medical Equipment’s Mobility Care Specialists do- they listen, understand, and provide expert guidance.    

As you consider your options, keep the following in mind:

  • Start thinking now about your need and whether it will require a short-term or long-term mobility solution.  If you are unsure, write down your concerns or questions and share them with one of our Mobility Care Specialists.  
  • Understanding and knowing your budget is important.  Being able and open to discussing this with a Mobility Care Specialist is critical for your future mobility.  
  • Whitley Home Medical Equipment offers financing options to help you get going now.  If you are considering renting, the total duration of your rental may be close to or exceed the price of buying a mobility scooter.  
  • Consider your current residence and determine if you have access to narrow or wide pathways where you could enjoy new adventures. We carry different scooters for different home access. And it is important to know how long you will be in your current residence, and what a future residence looks like in terms of safety and accessibility.
  • Consider how frequently you will need, and want, to use a mobility scooter.  Thinking about and writing down your daily and weekly needs and schedule is helpful.  Being able to discuss this with a Mobility Care Specialist is critical to help you make the best mobility solution decision.   


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Gain Freedom And Independence To Live An Active Life

Whitley Home Medical Equipment is committed to increasing and improving mobility for residents of Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina, by offering mobility products and services that get you moving.  We have served western North Carolina for more than 35 years and are proud to be a regional leader in rehabilitation equipment, custom-fitted wheelchairs, and health care supplies including knee walkers, mobility scooters, vitrectomy support, and hospital beds  We can help you live and enjoy an active, mobile lifestyle, know how important it is to understand exactly what you want to do on a day-to-day basis through mobility to increase your freedom and independence.  

We have developed and refined a personalized compassionate care model to guarantee the highest quality solutions and best experiences are available as we serve you and help you accomplish your goals.  Our trained Mobility Care Specialists begin by conducting an initial mobility assessment where we determine what mobility solutions are best suited for your needs, desires and goals.  We perform this service for no-charge if you are interested in buying a mobility scooter, or other mobility solutions we offer, because we want you to experience the freedom of mobility in the best possible way.  

After this assessment, Mobility Care Specialists are able to make recommendations that will be most beneficial to you including determining whether you should rent or buy a mobility scooter, or benefit from other mobility solutions.  We ensure the fit, feel, comfort and function of your mobility scooter is perfect for you.  And we continue moving forward with you on your mobility journey, by being available for maintenance and repairs that may arise, ensuring you have support and encouragement along your journey – wherever it may take you!

Mobility Scooter Repair Service Testimonial

We are proud to offer professional mobility scooter repair services.  Here’s what Victoria had to say:



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