Get active again, after your recent leg injury or surgery

In need of a Knee Walker (sometimes called Knee Scooter) in Asheville, NC or Hendersonville, NC? We are a local community partner that can provide comfortable options for you to get around comfortably and quickly.


If you are recovering from a foot, ankle, knee or other lower leg injury, a Knee Walker can help retain your independence and allow the injury to heal quickly.

Benefits of renting a Knee Walker from Whitley Home Medical Equipment:

  • Easily keep up with your group. No more uncomfortable crutches to carry around.
  • Riding in the Knee Walker is almost effortless and very safe. There is nearly no upper body strength required, which helps reduce back strain.
  • Don’t feel like a burden. Get the freedom to enjoy the beautiful Asheville, NC and Hendersonville, NC community at your own speed.
  • More economical than purchasing a Knee Scooter, renting gives you the flexibility to use it for as long as the healing process takes


Reserve Your Knee Walker Below: